• 2021

    Vienna university of technology
    I finished my third and my fourth term on the Vienna University of Technology with excellent grades.
  • 2020

    Vienna university of technology
    I finished the first and second term with excellent grades.
    Internship AIT (Austrian Institute Of Technology)
    I did a one month internship at the AIT and learned a lot in Web-Development (Angular).
  • 2019

    Vienna university of technology
    I started studying software and information engineering at the Vienna university of technology in winter-term 2019.
    Internship OMICRON
    After my national service I did an internship at OMICRON for four months as a C# developer. I greatly improved my project-development skills, learned how to test and debug my code and got experience in parsing documents.
    National service
    I started my national service in October 2018. I had the honor to be admitted to the Cyber-Security department in ‘’St. Johann im Pongau’’. During this time I learned web development with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, PostgreSQL and Python. I finished my national service in March 2019.
  • 2018

    Internship OMICRON
    After graduation I did an internship at the world renown company OMICRON as a C#-Developer. I learned concepts of UI-Design, got some hands-on experience in object-oriented programming and database development.
    Graduation Project - JavaChess
    Together with a colleague I developed a chess engine, game and AI. We developed the game in Java and ported it onto a raspberry pi. The chess AI is based on a min-max algorithm, which means that the AI ‘’thinks’’ a few moves in advance and calculates the best move. You can find our project on GitHub: JavaChess-GitHub
  • 2013-2018

    HTL-Anichstraße Innsbruck
    From 2013 to 2018 I went to school in Innsbruck. The school ,,HTL-Anichstraße'' is a college with a technical focus. The departement I studied spezializes in electronics and computer science. I successfully graduated in 2018.